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Free Consultation & Quotation

Free Consultation & Quotation
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Tell us what you would like?
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What does it cost?

Start the process of securing your South African trademark from as little as R600!

Database search

You might be trying to register a trademark that is already owned by someone else. This is why starting with a database search is a good idea.


Trademark registration

Already know your trademark is an original? We can then skip step 1 and get right into applying for your trademark with the CIPC..


Complete solution

We’re able to run a CIPC database search and register your trademark without any delays. If your trademark is taken, we can give you other options..


How does it work?

We make the magic happen with 4 easy steps to register a trademark:


Take the first step to registering your trademark by contacting us. You can fill in the form above now, or trek over to our contact page for other ways to connect with us.


Once we get your message, out trademark fundis will be in touch to discuss your registration and explain the process. This is where we iron out any possible issues with your application.


Our lawyers will take over at this point, and send your word, logo, or slogan trademark request to the powers that be. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated at every step!


Once it has been lodged, your trademark will be registered and you can start using it as and how you like! We’ll still be just a call away for any more trademark advice when you need it.


What it costs

Registering a trademark in South Africa doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Our service fees are highly competitive, especially when registering multiple trademarks. We have three service packages to choose from:

*Each application instance will be charged for per class category that your trademark falls under.

Why work with us?

When you choose to register your trademark through Trademark Advanced, you’ll realise just how easy the process really can be!

Free quote & consult

With every inquiry for our trademark registration services comes a completely free quotation, and an in-depth trademark consultation with our expert trademark legal team.

Affordable pricing

Our database searching and trademark registration services are affordable and highly competitive. This makes us a popular choice for businesses registering multiple trademarks at once.

Super fast service

When it comes to trademark registration, you don’t want to hear that it’ll be done now now or just now. Once we’ve got your message, we start tackling your application immediately.

Expert advice

If you’d prefer to trust your trademarks with experts in the field, you’re in luck. Our Trademark Advanced team have nearly 20 years of experience registering trademarks in South Africa.

Trademark Advanced aims to make trademark registrations easy, fast and affordable. Driven by experienced legal professionals specialising in trademark and IP law, and supported by the latest technology, Trademark Advanced is the simplest trademark registration solution.

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